Why Aryaanya?

Why Aryaanya?

Aryaanya is nurtured with a strong foundation at its core, established under the guiding principles and legacy of Mr. Kirit Patel. He himself possessing a wide expertise in civil project management, providing turn key solutions even for shaky construction projects. Every team member at Aryaanya, lives up to the expectations as set by Mr. Patel and the vision that he lives up to, i.e., providing exceptional project management consultancy fuelled by the commitment and integrity to support developers in all the aspects including planning, engineering, procurement, technology and construction.

Construction Project Management

Multi-disciplinary Total Solutions Approach: We adopt a turnkey approach towards real-estate project management. From concept development to actual execution, we own up everything about the project.

Experienced Founder: Our philosophy and way of functioning is driven by the experience of our founder, Mr. Kirit Patel, a multifaceted real-estate expert of almost all segments of the construction industry.

Project management: We have associations with leading vendors for sourcing required construction material, inventory, equipment for execution and management of construction process.

Personalized Attention: With a knack for construction projects, everyone at Aryaanya believes in offering personalized attention to every project assigned to them. This ensures every we effectively manage any assigned task with due diligence.


Widening the scope of Aryaanya’s innovative project management, Estatepedia is a revolutionary concept empowering the developers to spread a word about their projects. Through Estatepedia, our team of experts assist developers in enhancing their sales figures by providing comprehensive marketing solutions under a single roof.

Unmatched Advantages: Estatepedia has brought a revolution in construction industry by providing a comprehensive marketing solution for already developed and create a buzz around upcoming projects.

Proven Return on Investment: Estatepedia takes care of marketing activities to enhance the sales figures of construction projects and saves the construction developer from the problem of dealing with dipping sales figures and focus on core developing activities.

Complete Handholding & Round- the-clock Assistance: Estatepedia offers complete peace of mind by focusing on a lucrative marketing proposition through the entire sales funnel for a project, right from the beginning to the execution of sales deals.

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About us

Aryaanya Group was established in 2015, with a vision of providing Project Management Consultancy to leading construction companies with a difference. The difference was an outcome of over 35+ years of experience, our founder Mr. Kirit Patel has recognized through his vast experience in the real estate industry, the sheer attention to detail thought leadership, and determination.


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